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A native New Yorker, Allan began the necessary steps towards becoming a photographer after completing a four-year enlistment in the United States Navy.

“Originally I wanted a career in Advertising but after my military service, the idea of working in an office really didn’t hold much appeal; I wanted a career not just a job.”

After completing a two-year course of study in photography, he began working in a large commercial studio in New York City as a photographer’s assistant before eventually becoming a staff photographer.

“The time I spent there was invaluable. I had the opportunity to learn lighting while photographing an assortment of products and after six years decided to leave the comfort of a full-time job to venture out and learn more.”

Allan went back to assisting, working for a few well-known photographers and once he’d gained more experience, began shooting for small advertising agencies, major catalog companies and large retailers. Eventually he was able to return to his first love, photographing people and for the past 14yrs has worked almost exclusively as an Event Photographer.

“I enjoyed my time as a still-life photographer but photographing people is far more interesting and at times very challenging. I adhere to a journalistic approach to photographing people; I don’t always ask them to pose for my camera but ignore me and be themselves, it’s those moments that I want to capture. I’ve photographed high-profile events in some of the finest venues in New York City as well as seniors in community centers, children in day-care centers and the homeless at various out-reach centers around the city; it’s very grounding work.”

Today Allan continues to work for various clients providing them with images for media release, annual reports, newsletters and web sites. Paraphrasing Dan Millman, “In life there are no ordinary moments – each moment is filled with new possibilities.” Allan’s future plans include obtaining a degree in psychology.

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